It has been since I last bought yarn!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Something

Good news... there is progress!


Because the weather was so cold here my lovely knitting group made a last minute location change and came to my house to knit, and meet the baby. They held the baby and my fingers flew- cramming in as much knitting time as I could muster- hence the progress we see today.

What's funny is that I am DYING to work on something new, but I have to finish this first. Next I'm going to pick up the sock since all I want to do is start a million socks. BUT, finishing is the name of the game and so, instead of being all willy nilly- I'm going to stick to finishing what I need to finish. I'm hoping and praying to the patron saint of knitting that I can get this blanket done before the end of January so we can begin February with something much more interesting!

Because there really isn't much else to show you, I will placate you with a smiley pic of my kiddo... which I'm hoping will gloss over the fact that there isn't much else to show you. SO BEHOLD... my happy kiddo! (Who you are welcome to come and hold if you will let me knit ;-0)


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Anonymous said...

I'd hold him so you could knit!! MIL