It has been since I last bought yarn!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


With the Teddy blanket off the needles I'm moved my devotion and attention to getting Parker's blanket done next. However it kind of looks the same as it always has since progress is quite slow. SO, in order to convey some sense of completion and because some days it IS just a row done- I've decided to snap photos with a tape measure so we can at least that there is some progression. (This is as much for me as anyone.) So here we go- 24" on Parker's blanket. I will either knit to 40" or until I run out of yarn, whatever happens first.


Also- because there are looky-loo's who like this sort of thing, my yarn gifted to me from my inlaws arrived this week and it is lovely. OH so lovely. Behold- Madelintosh Tosh Sock in "Logwood". It's this lovely light purple color and I am just itching ITCHING to work on it. (But NO... I am being strict with myself, there are items that need to be finished first!)


So that's what happening around here this week- slow and steady progress on the blanket for the baby. SPEAKING of the baby... I thought we could all enjoy this cute photo of him. My cutie smiles and "talks" a lot more these days... charming the pants off of everyone he meets. Tell me- can you resist this face?

photo (1)

I cannot... which is why progress is happening at snail's pace. But at least it's some progress and we'll take it.


Anne B. said...


Nice blanket too, over 1/2 way there!

J from Paradise said...

I'm working on that same pattern as a blanket for my teenage sister, i'm trying to do at least approx 70 rows of the main color...and i also feel as if i'm at a stand still. I'm loving your row a day idea...i should do that just so i would eventually be done with it! Keep the pics of your lil one coming, because he is ABSOLUTELY adorable :) i have no excuse for not working on my blanket, but you definitely have a very good one.

Anonymous said...

He's a "little" angel!! Grandma S

Augusta Tina said...

Excellent post and nice blog..:)