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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vampire Project



This blanket is eating my SOUL.  It is sucking every last ounce of joy and love of knitting RIGHT. OUT. OF. ME.  There have been nights when I couldn't even bring myself to pick it up, and because it felt too guilty to start something new, I just didn't knit.  At. all.

This project is the equivalent of a vampire in knitting.


Before we send hate mail to the designer- I need to say it.  This isn't her fault.  There is absolutely no reason for me to have thought I would have been this bored by a project.  It has cables and different stitches in different sections- it's not boring.  I have to refer to the pattern regularly.  For whatever reason this seems to be my "Waterloo".  (It's okay if you sing the ABBA song in your head when you see that word, I do too.)  I just can't seem to get past it.  It literally feels like I've been knitting this project forever.

I did try a side project- a brief distraction of cute to try and get me over the hump- but not even this little Newborn Pumpkin set could excite me.


Pattern: Hat is the hat from the Wee Leafy Baby Set by Pamela Wynne and the Mittens are Easy Summer Baby Mittens by Urszula Tanouye and the leaves are from the Hat pattern.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

(I just HAVE to knit little babies due in and around the October 31 pumpkin hats.  HAVE TO.  I cannot help myself.)

Even this cute little project cannot seem to illicit much joy, because I knew I had the blanket to return to.  I need to get this beast off my needles- before it completely makes me hate knitting.  Did you gasp?  I gasp even typing it... but I'm this LOW.  I don't even know if cashmere can save me at this point.  Send "knit fast" vibes and prayers for knitting time so I can get past this project and back on track again.

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Anne B. said...

Knit fast and get back on track!!! At least it is real purdy!