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Monday, October 29, 2012

Just About There

I will kill any and all suspense- the blanket is OFF the needles!  (And none too soon, literally the day after I cast OFF- baby arrived... early!)  I am allowing myself to feel just the teensiest amount of relief. There is still the task  of blocking... which as we know, tends to be another procrastinate thing for me.   But- I allowed myself to indulge in the relief that the blanket was done.  First of all- I knit two more hats.  (8 down, 4 to go!)

Willow buds

Crossover Rib

I was going to move on to the socks next, but I got a call from sister, distraught about having lost those mittens I made back in April.  (Here)  She apparently lost them in a cab- and even went as far as to call the cab company and have them search their lost and found.  Since sister is so upset - I am knitting her another pair... in ALPACA.  In that yarn I was so deeply in love with when I bought it in Saskatoon SO LONG ago.


Here are Emma's mittens... AGAIN.  I am kicking myself with this pattern.  I made modifications the first time- modifications I wrote down.  Modifications I threw out, thinking "I probably won't make them again".  I am KICKING myself that I threw out my mod's... because I'm starting over by scratch and trying to remember what I did.  I think I'm on track so far- and I've got a thumb gusset to prove it.

The one downside to this lovely alpaca is that it's fuzzy and it blurs the pattern a lot more than the original.  But, I've decided that's the price sister will pay for losing original mitts.  If sister loses ALPACA mittens- there might be a battle.

Once I'm down to the thumbs on these- I'm thinking about having "thumb week" where I knit the thumbs for these mittens and the cute victory mittens that I haven't forgotten- just procrastinated.  (And yes, the socks too- I will knit those socks eventually.)

I'm trying to keep myself from having a large "unfinished object" pile like last year.  I would love to kick off January this year with a fun project and nothing in my head that I need to finish first.

All of this rambling is really that, rambling.  Because before I get ahead of myself I'm going to keep breathing ENORMOUS sighs of relief that the vampire blanket is finally OFF the needles and I can knit fun things again!

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