It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thumb Week

Nope.  I haven't blocked the blanket.  Maybe tomorrow?

Instead of focusing on the "what should be done" let's focus on what I'm going to do this week?

TWO MITTENS... who just need thumbs.


This week's goal is simple.  KNIT THE THUMBS.

I kind of hate knitting thumbs on mittens.  It's small work and piddly, with all of those needles in there.  I really need to just let it go because there really is such a SMALL amount of knitting involved to get myself over the finish line on both of these projects and it frees me up to knit something else.  Like socks... or potentially more mittens.

I had a chance to wear my Paris mittens the last few weeks (boo early cold snap!) and I'm so enamored and proud of them, I just want to knit more.  This time for a different coat- so um... more mittens are probably in our future.  (At least it's not blankets?)

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