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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easter Bowling Pins!

So far the most popular guess of the Mystery blanket has been "Easter Bowling Pins" (2 people have suggested this).  So I guess- it's only fair to report that there is another "bowling pin" completed and the final "bowling pin" section is under way.


I will admit I'm starting to feel a little tired of this project.  The dealing with the copious bobbins and looking at all the ends that need to be woven in have gotten me a little less excited about this project than when I started.  I'm feeling un-motivated and lethargic.  There have been nights where I can't even bring myself to deal with bobbins, so I don't knit anything at all!

Entry date for Stampede this year is June 20.  I would like to have this project completely done by the end of May.  Can I do it?  I need to remind myself the reason I chose this project is a) I think it will look amazing when it's done and b) it needed to be something that challenged me.  I think to have a "true competitor" you really need to challenge yourself, and I've done that here.  I just need to RISE to the challenge... which I'm struggling with.

To distract me, I will allow 1 May hat to be finished and if by May 15 I'm still floundering, I will need to stop and take a break to knit 5 baby hats for my Playgroup baby shower for 5 expecting moms.

So busy fingers over here- I might need a cheering section on this one to get me over the finish line.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Lovely bowling pins as well. I did sneak a peek at the pattern, but I won't give the mystery away!! Anne B.