It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, October 14, 2013


This Thanksgiving I have a lot to be thankful for.  (Knit wise... I'd be here all day if I had to list what I was thankful for in my "regular" life.)

I am thankful that the Mystery Mittens are no longer a mystery.


Pattern: Lotus Mittens by Heather Desserud (Ravelry download)
Yarns: Red: Madeline Tosh, Tosh Merino Light (in Tart) Black: Patons North America Kroy Socks 4 Ply (in Black)
Needle: US 3
Notes: I can finally, FINALLY say that I'm beginning to knit stranded mittens at a looser gauge.  My only complaint on these mittens is where the thumb joins.  (On the inside of the hand so you wouldn't exactly see it...)  I don't find the join clean, it doesn't seem to follow in with the pattern.  Just a tiny gripe though- otherwise this is a lovely pattern.

IMG_2365 IMG_2367 IMG_2381 IMG_2375

Mother in Law looks kinda thankful too huh?  (And yes- this was done PRIOR to snow flakes!)


(She helped pick out the red yarn so we'd get a really nice match to her coat... but she never knew what she was getting until she had them in hand.)

I'm thankful that the new blanket seems like a quick knit so far.


While the pattern does require some attention, it's actually pretty easy to knit and it knits up nice and speedy!  I'm hoping to have this one off the needles in November.  Baby is due Jan 1, but it would be great to be able to have it ready to go if that little bambino shows up early.

And, because I couldn't resist- I'm thankful for this little boy- who is happy (mostly) and charming and hardly a baby anymore!  (I'm also thankful that he takes EXCELLENT naps! {see how I related it to knitting there??})


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Anonymous said...

Mil is very thankful! Not everyone has a Dil that can knit so beautifully and also have such a cute little boy!

Anonymous said...

oooh, nice shoes too! Anne B.