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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Charity and Other Distractions

My turn on a WCOBB blanket came up this past week and it sort of got me distracted.

"Tuxedo Junction" is done- and below is my 6" section in black and white mosaic.  (Each section is a black and white mosaic pattern.)


I had to stash dive in the acrylic stash to get the yarn out for this- and it just set me off on charity distractions.  I would REALLY... REALLY like to get my acrylic stash  down to nuthin'.  Like nuthin' nuthin'.  I'm actually pretty close.  Diving in the stash gave me a chance to survey what else was down there and lo and behold I a) signed up for another blanket, b) started my own blanket ("Seasonal" themed)


and c) got inspired to knit an entire WCOBB blanket myself.  (Because you know, I apparently think I have spare time.... HAHAHAHA)

THEN- I got inspired to knit a mysterious Christmas project for someone- but I'm not going to be spoiling that here.  Ravelry members can see what I end up doing once that gets going- but there won't be much discussion or pictures until that has been gifted.  It's another mystery project!

And then- ANOTHER inspiration for ANOTHER mystery project for Christmas fell into my lap and I fell down the pattern search rabbit hole over on Ravelry.

All of this means to say simply, I didn't work on what I'm actually SUPPOSED to be working on right now.  God I get distracted easily.

I've had to start doing a little knitting "goal setting" in order to get me through and knit all the things I want to knit.

1) I must get the entire knitting portion (not the rather substantial crochet border) of the argyle blanket by Nov 15.

2) I can then switch between pattern design, and cast on for Mystery Project #1 and crochet border done on the blanket by Nov. 30.

3) Mystery Project #1 must be in blocking pins by Dec 10.  (I cannot believe I'm already thinking about Dec!)

4) Mystery Project #2 must be blocking by Dec 22.

5) Charity blanket done by me can begin as soon as other projects are finished.

This doesn't include the other blanket I signed up for, but I can usually turn those around in a day or 2, so I think it shouldn't throw too much of a wrench into my planning.

So stay tuned- it's about to get a whole lot more interesting around here while I try and keep myself on track.  Hopefully it means a few more FO's to brag about soon!

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