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Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Belated Halloween!

Oops!  It's Nov 1.  Yesterday sort of got away from us over here as we were preparing for all manner of Halloween festivities.  I had intended to blog an update before the day was out, but I basically came home and became a sleep zombie.  I didn't realize Halloween was even more exhausting for parents!

The blanket has seen a lot of solid progress this week- I'm nearly completed repeat #7 of 9 repeats on the knitting part.  (The dreaded crochet is also a big piece here.)  Remember I set the goal to be finished the knitting portion by Nov 15?  I'm really hoping I can finish even earlier and stay ahead of my mini schedule for knitting for the rest of the year.


I'm trying to be really good and really focused on staying on schedule, so, oddly enough, that's all the knitting that's been happening around here.  JUST THE BLANKET.  I don't think I've been this "committed" to a project in a long time.  (Watch... next week I'll be telling you about how unfaithful I've been to the schedule and how many distractions I've cast on!)

Progress would have probably been even more further along if we didn't have Halloween to distract us.  This year was the first year my little guy was really able to participate in the whole "Halloween" thing.  We noticed early on he liked the idea of having a pumpkin, but not so much a Jack-o-lantern.  And so, to keep our pumpkin from being "no scary"- I carved one of his favorite characters into it.  
Untitled Untitled
(I love that you can't really appreciate detail or how a pumpkin looks until you light it up!)

Parker was even less enthused about costumes.  When we first got his Cookie Monster costume he was pretty stoked about it.  But- when it came time to actually put it on, he would have none of it.  We had 3 Halloween parties to attend.  One we went to, but he wouldn't wear the hat, the other he wouldn't wear any of the costume and the 3rd, on actual Halloween, we didn't even get to, because he was SO. UNHAPPY. ABOUT. HALLOWEEN.

I really thought the day was ruined.  He'd spent most of the day in tears and I was so tired from it, I was ready to dissolve into tears myself.  My husband and I also had costumes and we had planned a family photo- so we really wanted him to wear the costume, even if it was only for a few minutes.  Thankfully, once the other Trick-or-Treaters started coming by, he got a little bit excited.  He loved to hand out candy and see the other kids in costume.  Not only did we get our family photo- but he did a little trick or treating himself and he LOVED it.  (He was also adorable and people would melt upon seeing him.)  Halloween was saved!!


The costumes took up a little bit of "knitting time" but I think it was worth it- we look like a bunch of Sesame Street super fans!  Now that that's out of the way, I need to dive back into the knitting without distractions.  I also need to keep working on a "YARN CRAWL" for my knitting group that we're planning this November.  Nothing is worse for your "yarn diet" than a yarn crawl- but I think it'll be fun!

Hope your Halloween was as cute as ours!


Anonymous said...

Great carving on the pumpkin. Mil

Anonymous said...

Great pumpkin carving and costumes!!! Can't beat the Seasame Steet theme!Nice work!!! Mom