It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, February 24, 2014


This blog has been a little boring lately- so I'm struck with an interesting idea to jazz it up a little.  I have a whole laundry list of tasks that I'm supposed to be doing that are knitting related this week.  Why don't I list them here and when I complete the task I'll update the post with a picture of the completed item?  Let's see how many of these items I can get done!

1) Charity Oddball Blanket Section (Tis the Season)


2) Charity OddballBlanket Section (Chocolate Indulgence)

3) 2 Baby Hats from "the big ball"

4) Block the Umaro Blanket

5) Knit swatches for the "25 Tricks" Class

6) Knit swatches for the "Fantastic Finishing" class

7) Begin charting out Stampede Project (sorry no pictures, I gotta keep this a surprise for a while)

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