It has been since I last bought yarn!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Busy Work

As I mentioned here last time, I ran out of yarn for my current project I'm working on.  After I placed the order for the yarn I decided while I wait for it to show up, I was going to get a bunch of things done.

First of all I knit to the very last stitch I could get out of the remaining yarn on the blanket AND wove in all existing ends.  Hopefully when this yarn shows up soon I can just jump back into this project and finish up quickly.  Having a lion's share of ends already woven in is a big help.  I thought I'd take a picture of both sides of this round project that really doesn't show itself off... I can't wait to finish this one up!



With the blanket out of the way I moved on to the next item that's been eating at me to get finished up- I finally did all the finishing and sewing on my little boy bunny and finished the project.  Brace yourselves for unbelievable cuteness.


Pattern: Boy Bunny with Piebald Patch by Little Cotton Rabbits (Julie Williams)
Yarn: Various leftovers in my stash- all sport weight
Needles: US 2 & 2 1/2
Notes: This is literally, LITERALLY the best written pattern I've ever worked with.  The writer was extremely detailed and really broke down the steps beautifully.  Should the opportunity arise, I will ABSOLUTELY knit with more of her patterns- they were a pleasure to work with!

IMG_2897 IMG_2900 IMG_2912 IMG_2906

The little cotton tail on this rabbit is so adorable I die a little bit from the cuteness every time I look at it!

With the bunny out of the way I decided that my Maui Sock needed to get just get the toe done on it so I could move on to sock #2.  And while I was at it, I wove in all the ends on that one too.  Viola- one sock.


And then, deciding it would be good to get another hat in the finished pile, I also knit up another one.  (Stitch pattern is double moss.)


I snapped a pic of the giant ball of yarn.  This will be hat #8.  Remember I guessed that I could get 18 hats out of this giant ball?  I'm wondering if there's even more than that in there!  What do you think?


Geez, you're saying to yourself, you really did do a bunch of stuff, but I thought you were going to work on your mitten.  I was.  I mean I did.  I got here... (I figured I can spoil you on the pattern this much here.)


... and realized that the yarn is just too fine for the mitten.  I need to go out and buy a different kind of yarn in red and white, hopefully something that has a thicker loft so that the bright red doesn't show through on the white parts.  And so- off to the yarn shop I go sometime this week to do that.

I have actually knit the entire cuff (which I can't show you because... mystery), and am pleased with how the pattern will look once I get going.  In the mean time, until the other yarn shows up and I can get myself to a yarn shop to pick out more stuff, I'm going to keep being very productive in cleaning up a few of my loose ends over here, doing a bunch of things to keep busy until I can get that big circular blanket out of the way!

And- I saved the best news for last... we also had this happen today:


BYE BYE ANNOYING CAST!  Parker is still limping and it will take him a bit to get his full strength back up, but OMG can I tell you how much I missed that other little leg!?  It's been a very good week here!


Anonymous said...

The bunny is really cute! Of course, P is a very handsome little guy. So glad he got rid of the "cookie monster" leg. Mil

Debbie1085 said...

I love your Maui socks and your hat #8... Are the patterns in Ravelry? Love them! You're so good!!
Your kid is so cute, too!