It has been since I last bought yarn!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Charitable Interlude

As I mentioned last post, I was waiting for more yarn to show up and I was able to keep myself busy while I waited.

I knit 2 more hats out of the big ball.  More twins!


This brings the total to 10 hats, not bad so far.  I'm still guessing 18 hats, so I guess we'll see how I do.

I also had a charity blanket show up, so I knit the final 6 inch section.  The theme was Blue Suede Shoes:


These charity blankets are a great way to stash down my acrylic stash.  Guys I'm really, really close to having all the acrylic gone!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do to work down my sport weight+ wool stash.  I seem to be going through a double moss stitch phase, because I knit this section in double moss too.


The additional balls of yarn that showed up early this week too, and so I've dived back into the circular blanket.  That baby was due yesterday, so I need to buckle down and knit like crazy to get this off the needles.  It's really hard to show you progress on this- so just trust me.  Progress is being made.

I've also reworked the cuff in the new yarn I procured for the mystery mittens so I'm well on my way to getting progress on that too.  Hopefully there will be a few spare moments this weekend to sneak in a few rows on that too.

Happy long weekend everyone!

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