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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Maui Break - Return of the Blog

I don't usually like to advertise, but that big old blog break was due to our annual Maui trip, which we returned from on Sunday.  I had intended to work on the shawl while I was there, but after a few rows in, I realized (rightfully so) that I wanted something less finicky for the ride down.  And, since it's sort of a tradition anyways- I grabbed some self striping sock yarn and readied myself for a new Maui sock.


It's pretty isn't it?  These are the aptly named "Socks on a Plane" pattern and the name alone was reason enough for me to knit these!

Untitled Untitled

I cast on before I left and only allowed myself 6 rows to get started enough on the plane.  On the way down I made huge progress.  (Thank you Bob the Builder for entertaining my kid!)  I made less progress on the way back but did get as far as the heel flap.  I'm going to set these aside for a bit now, and save them for other trips I have coming up.

I did, in a weird state of hopefulness, actually bring my shawl too, but it didn't get any attention.  The shawl has had a few false starts since we last caught up.  I had made it about 40 rows in and then discovered a mistake.  Being a hypocritical idiot (more on that in a minute) I didn't have a life line and was forced to rip the entire thing out and begin again.  I'm back where I started (WITH a life line this time) and hope to devote much of my March to making progress on it.

Why am I hypocritical idiot?  MiL has also cast on a shawl, and both of us are cutting our teeth on these wispy little patterns.  When she was casting on and doing her research I kept telling her "make sure you do a life line" (life line = yarn holding a row of stitches so you only have to rip back so far if you do discover a mistake- I put it in every 15 rows or so...)  I'm not sure why I felt I needed to nag her on this, especially since she has more years of knitting under her belt and has successfully knit a shawl before, but I did.  (Sorry Phyllis!)  I'm even less sure why I didn't follow my own advice and put one in for me!  But alas- I was dumb and I learned my lesson the hard way when I ripped out all of that work.

Right before I left I also managed to add a little hat to the pile and it's really cute.


Even though there are waaaaaay more ends to weave in, I'm actually quite enjoying this little stripey hat project I've committed myself too.  Which leads me to the March goal- knit 3 more hats and work on the shawl.  The hats need to be done but we'll just see how far I get on the shawl.  April will likely be for another baby due in July... but we'll talk about that later.

For now.... I leave you with a little Maui magic...

(I took this on my Iphone!  I have never seen a perfect rainbow arch like that.  It was beautiful!)

It was a great trip- but it's great to be home and get back into our regular swing of things.  (Which means more knitting!!)

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