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Thursday, April 23, 2015

So Much Happening!

Gah!  I don't even know where to begin- but there is a LOT going on, on the needles over here.

Firstly- I present to you... THE LAST HAT.


That brings the grand total to 18 hats for charity this year!  And I'm glad this project finished when it did because I JUST started to think to myself, "I'm sort of sick of hats..." This is a lovely colorful bunch that will keep 18 babies heads' warm.

Not a bad little stash buster- this is all I had left- which I couldn't get another hat out of.  (I tried!)

Charity work is far from over because... OMG the worsted weight acrylic stash is out of hand!

More WCOBB blanket sign ups for me!  Speaking of WCOBB- I got 2 blanket sections done this month.

Plum Pudding:


Star Wars:

It's not a secret that I LOVE Star Wars so when that blanket came up I HAD to be apart of it.  I had so much fun knitting (and designing) my section...


I'm inspired to possibly start another one.  OR, even go further and design a whole blanket in that theme.  (I have so many ideas!!)  Either way it was fun and it got the creative juices flowing.

Thankfully the creative juices began flowing just in time for me to cast on the mystery Stampede project!


I've already ripped it back 20 rows and had to get going again.  The good news is now I'm in a  bit of a "zone" and I've devoted some time to get it going.  I do have a bit of a concern that I will need to test this weekend on someone- but I need to get further before I can test my concern out.  (I'm already mentally preparing to rip out more rows... *sigh*)

NOTE TO SELF- next project design should not be a secret from the person who's body you could easily use to measure things on.

AND- because I'm an over achiever (and out of mindless projects) I procured the yarn for the baby blankets and cast it on.

As you can see, PURPLE was the big winner in my little poll.

This project is one of those "looks harder than it is" deal-ios and will be great for TV (and playoff {GO FLAMES}) knitting.


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Debbie1085 said...

I love the pattern you used for Plum Pudding... Can I ask what pattern you were using??

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