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Sunday, June 28, 2015

May the Force Be With Me - Mystery Revealed!

Welp- the Stampede entries are officially in and I can finally reveal what I entered as my project this year.



Pattern: Star Wars Mittens by ME (Jennifer Johnson)  I used various previously charted items in order to create most of the items you see.  Yoda, 3P0 and "Star Wars" are my own charting adventures.
Death Star
Darth Vader (I couldn't get the site to work so hopefully the Pinterest link will suffice)
AT/AT Walker
Storm Trooper
Boba Fett
Millenium Falcon
X Wing Fighter
Inside Mitten Stars (Another Pinterest pattern)
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Zarina in 1404 (Black) 1914 (Gray)
Needles: ACK- it appears I didn't write this down!  I think US 1 (1.25 mm)
Size: Men's size
Notes: OMG so many.

1) I've already been asked if I will release the pattern on Ravelry and my response is two fold.  a) I'm not sure what the legality of using charts that others have prepared and written is.  I obviously wouln't be able to sell the pattern (much of it isn't my own work and I don't own the rights to Lucas Films items) but I'm not sure I can even release it as my own pattern without upsetting the people who worked at charting out this stuff.  b) I've tried creating my own electronic chart files and guys, I just really REALLY suck at it.  These are all drawn out on my own and shaded in, in pencil.  The pattern makes sense to me, but I'm not sure it makes sense to others.

2) You'll notice, obviously, that the outside mittens are different.  There's a "DARK SIDE" and a "REBEL" side.

Dark Side ("Bad guys")


Rebel Side ("Good guys")


I also did two different light sabres on the thumbs so that the recipient can do thumb lightsaber battles!  (That was MiL's idea!)

To be honest, I'm not sure who exactly judges the Stampede entries.  And, more than likely, details like a "dark side" and "rebel" side and deulling lightsabers are likley going to be lost on the judges, unless they have a general understanding of Star Wars.  But, I'm hoping that whether they win or lose they will generate some crowd excitement from Star Wars fans taking in the exhibits.  (Unfortunately "Most nerdy" is still not a category at Stampede...)

3) I must thank my Brother in Law profusely for offering help and opinions on what I included on the mitten.  Brother in Law (BiL) is NOT a knitter nor is he a super crafty guy.  He very patiently offerred opinons on various charts and locations of where items were on the mittens and offered thoughtful opinions and insights.  We exchanged numerous text messages for a month and he at least seemed excited about the project.  Anyways- thanks Nathan... you were a BIG help.

4) Yeah- I really do like Star Wars.  Why, oh why, oh why do you ask? 

So now all the mysteries have been revealed and we wait to find out until next week how I "fared".  

I hope she's doesn't mind- but I also wanted to show off MiL's Stampede entry this year... it is beautiful and deserves a little showing off....


Admittedly my pictures don't do this thing justice (apologies)- but take it from me, it is beautiful and soft and I suspect it's going to do very well.  (Pattern is "Trifle Shawl" by Megan Goodacre and Yarn is Juniper Moon Farm Findley Dappled in colorway 114 "Macaw")  Interesting note- this is the yarn that I gifted her for Christmas this year!

I won't get to see how either of us do at Stampede this year until later in the week, so I'll just hope for good things.  If you see our stuff there feel free to shout and exclaim "HEY- I sort of know that person!"  ;-)

****** GOOD NEWS- there is actually more to share but this is already quite long.  Charity blankets and progress on the Purple blanket are moving in the right direction.  I will share more when there is time!  Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my project. The yarn you picked out is beautiful! You also have the only picture of the finished project. I will get my dear husband to do a photo shot once I have it back in my possession. MiL

Kari Provencher said...

Amazing projects!!! Great work to both of you!

Anonymous said...

The mittens looked amazing at Stampede. Congrats on doing soooo well.