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Friday, October 2, 2015

A Little More Like It

We have managed to settle more into a fall routine around these parts and it means that knitting time is slowing making a comeback too.  I'm happy to report there is some progress on the projects!

I've got most of the cuff on a second mitten now and it means I'm well into these.  These must be off the needles and BLOCKED by the end of October (yay goals!)- and I think that will be a very reasonable little goal to achieve.


Also, seeing more progress, the sock is looking like an actual sock these days.  I'm telling myself that these will also need to be done by the end of October but blocking will be optional.


Looks like a sock right?

That's it?

Well kind of.  It's progress and it's certainly better than what's been happening lately, but here is where I also confess that I haven't been 100% to faithful to knitting lately.  There are some days and nights now where I don't even *GASP* knit.





I fell down the adult coloring rabbit hole and OH MAN, do I ever enjoy that to.

Adult coloring, for those who are wondering, is exactly what it sounds like- coloring pages for adults.  Smaller lines, more intricate details in order to add color to, usually done with pencil crayons.  I love looking at an overwhelming, slightly disordered colorless page and immediately coming up with color schemes and ways to color it in.  Now Parker and I color together, I in my book and he in his.  It's highly relaxing, the only downside is that it also means I choose what I'm going to do that night, and sometimes knitting doesn't win.

Not to worry, I have no plans in turning this into a "coloring blog" vs. knitting.  But if my progress is showing signs of slowing, it's likely because I'm distracted with coloring sometimes now too.  I've always been "bi-craftsual" and this one is looking like it's going to stick around for a bit right now.


Anonymous said...

Nice Coloring! MiL

Sophia said...

OMG, I love the mittens!
I discovered the original pattern on ravelry today and decided I needed to knit them in exactly that grey in grey coloring. Then I opened the projects and saw your version, and now I need need need them in navy-red.
Fantastic project :-)
Many greetings all the way from Germany (knitters worldwide unite, courtesy of ravelry)