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Thursday, June 9, 2016

.._. .. _. .. ... .... . _.. !!!

IT. IS. FINISHED!  (Like the catchy blog title?  It's MORSE CODE for "finished"!)


Pattern: Cover Story by Mary Lawson (BUY the pattern... help a good cause!)
Yarn: 9 balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in "silver"
Needles: US 5 for the body of the blanket and US 4 for the border
Notes: I really like the simple way this made a bobble- it makes more sense than a traditional bobble and requires less knitting and going back and forth.  I would really, REALLY highly suggest blocking out the middle section prior to picking up and knitting the border.  A blanket that isn't rolling is so much easier to work with.


A note about the yarn.  I bought the Baby Cashmerino with some trepidation.  The reviews are reasonably positive on Ravelry but many many people complained about knots in the balls.  I hate that too.  Out of the 9 balls I knit with, 1 ball had a knot.  Overall I was really happy with the way the yarn knit up and I would totally buy it again.  It was extremely nice to work with and blocked BEAUTIFULLY.  I do have a ball's worth of leftovers... I see a baby hat with ears in it's future... for some future mom.

I was also a little nervous about picking up the border stitches since I don't always like the look of it on the wrong side....


... but as you can see, it actually looks quite neat and cohesive.


Overall I'm really pleased with this project and I'm glad I tackled it.  I'd highly recommend it for a sleek/modern looking baby blanket.

With the blanket completely done and off the needles, I'm free to pursue the mitten to see if I can make the Stampede deadline.


(Oh you didn't think I was going to reveal all of it... did you?)  I think I can do it in time for Stampede... I just need to keep on it.  I still won't make the call until July 15... but that's 6 days from now and I can hopefully accomplish a lot of knitting in that time.

I'm looking forward to having the mittens off the needles too- and then I can settle into some less "do or die" knitting.  I'll start thinking about what I'd like to work on this summer... but it's so nice to have the whole summer stretch out ahead without much to really dig my heels in and work on.

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Rebecca Mongrain said...

I just ordered this pattern and I think I have a huge lot of Baby Cashmerino in my stash so WIN! Can't wait to start knitting.