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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Yarn Love Challenge Week 1

Blog posts have been light while I've found myself busy, tired and distracted from knitting again.  We've been going skiing a lot... which isn't a bad thing, but the exhaustion at the end of the day usually means I'm sleeping 10 minutes after my kid is.  It's not a bad thing, and I'm glad we've been capitalizing on "winter fun" but I've been feeling frustrated that there really isn't any time left for knitting at the end of the day.

Enter Instagram.

I noticed early this week that a knitting Instagram challenge had been issued... where you take a picture every day related to the chosen theme.


Deciding it was a great way to connect with other knitters and get myself back into progressing- I jumped in.  AND BLAMMO- I'm re-invigorated to keep working on my projects again!  It was such a great idea that I thought I'd repost my posts here, so those of you NOT on Instagram can also follow along.

Day 1: "Introductions"

Day 2: "Close-Up"
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Day 3: "Currently Making"

Day 4: "Speed"

Day 5: "Community"
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I'll update the posts every 5 days or so that you can follow along on this challenge.  What a great way to get me knitting AND getting me blogging!

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