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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Second Sock DESIRE?

Given the unbelievably slow progress I've made on my poor father's socks, I'm kind of surprised by this feeling I have at the moment. I just finished the Candy Necklace sock... and I WANT TO START THE NEXT ONE RIGHT NOW. (No pictures until sock #2 is done- I want to keep it a surprise.)

Maybe it's because I really liked knitting with the yarn, or because I'm excited about the pattern that I designed myself OR maybe it's because I really LOVE how they turned out... but my hands are practically itching to cast on sock 2.

Now, normally I'd advocate this kind of behavior, Second Sock Syndrom (SSS) is a serious disease and I suffer from it on most occaisons when it comes to sock knitting, and I think it's good to just jump into #2, since there's no turning back once it's on the needles. BUT- I've made a commitment not to work on the second sock until the white blanket is finished. (The only allowance I'll make is that if I finish dad's sock when I take the knitting out, then I can start #2.)

So, with a heavy heart, I have picked up the white blanket and remain hopeful that I can power through it this week. (It's supposed to rain all week, so I can probably get a lot of work done on it. Hopefully that will go quickly... the second sock beckons me!!

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