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Monday, April 30, 2012

April FO's Bring May Sweaters?

It certainly looks that way!  For the first time this year I met my knitting deadline and finished my April projects!


Pattern: Baby Dots by Kay Meadors
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby in "white", "prettiest pink", "pink" and "rose rumba"
Needle: US 6
Notes: So easy to knit, but also suffers from "OMG-I-am-so-bored-with-this" syndrome.  I carried up the three yarns along the inside of the borders so that I didn't have to weave in the ends after every row.  It was a VERY good idea... all of those ends would have made me cray-zee!  Also, I had to rely on MiL's stash to have enough white yarn.  Since our dye-lot's didn't match I alternated every other row to blend the two.


I was VERY worried that this wasn't going to block properly, being acrylic and all.  But, I think the knit gods decided to smile down on me or something, because after some time with the blocking board- the whole thing doesn't seem as rolly polly and lies reasonably flat.  Maybe this does have a Stampede destiny afterall?


Finishing a blanket is in itself VERY satisfying... finishing a blanket AND a pair of socks is downright heroic!


Pattern: Spring Fling by Pam Gordnier (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Madelintosh Tosh Sock in Logwood
Needles: US 0
Notes: Great pattern if you read the whole thing through (ahem... me)!  I'd highly recommend going down at least a needle size... I went down TWO and they fit "just right" on my calves.  This was my first time doing an "eye of the partridge heel" and I really liked it.  Caution though, it eats up more yarn than a standard heel, so you need to be sure you'll have enough.


These are just a delightful "springy" sock and the yarn is absolutely dreamy to knit with.  Madelintosh lends itself beautifully to socks and these are no exception.


With both projects off my needles I hinted at a little cheat... until the very end of April.  I'm just smitten with these mittens!  (Emma's Mittens)


And so- with the socks and the blanket finished on time, it's time I pull out the sweater and work on it.  I'll be heading over to MiL's on Wed with Parker so that grandma can play with Parker and mommy can have some uninterrupted "figure out where exactly I am" on this project so that I can forge ahead on finishing it up.  Because let's face it, with a dude like that this....


... it's easy to get distracted.


Anonymous said...

But such a good distraction!! Mil

Melanie said...

That is a beautiful photo of you two! I'm glad I'm not the only mom out there totally smitten by her little boy!

Anne B. said...

wubba wubba wubba lil Parker. And very nice knitting. I'm also experiencing the overwhelming desire to raspberry that little belly, so adorable!!!