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Friday, April 20, 2012

Smitten Knittin'

Well... boo boo fixed and progress made!  Guess what's off the needles and ready to block?


This project is gorgeous.  G O R G E O U S, I love the little pink dots in the white knitting and it's perfect for a perfect little girl someday.  But here is where I get real nervous.  This project is acrylic.  Acrylic is not a natural fiber- I'm not sure it's going to block.  Even if I can get it lie a little bit flatter, I'll breathe a sigh of relief- but otherwise- YIKES.  I might crochet up the edges on the inside of the blanket to try and give the sides a little more "girth" in the hopes of keeping them from curling, but I won't lie- I'm greatly concerned about this pretty pretty project and well... it may not have a greater purpose this summer if I can't get things to lie flatter.  (This makes me so sad because I really love this project and it's so lovely and I think it would show well... just it laid flat.)

Keeping me from entirely freaking out is the Maui Fling sock- which is seeing progress too and this is just such a pretty pair of socks.


For the first time this year I'm actually AHEAD of the finishing project.  And so, I've allowed myself a mini reward.  If Baby Dots is blocked or blocking, and Maui's are done, I can spend the rest of April casting on a small "quickie" project and knitting it until May.  May 1- the sweater comes out of hiding (and well, it might be used for a greater purpose if Baby Dots can't "shape up") and I work to finishing that.

So Spring is "springing" along beautifully for me... things are finishing up and my brain is beginning to daydream all of the exciting projects I can work on once the UFO pile dwindles down to nothing.  Spring is making me so excited for SUMMER knitting!

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