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Thursday, October 27, 2016

In The Thick of It

We are deep in the thick of the "busy season" so this is going to be a somewhat light on content post.

Halloween approaches- and while most of the costume stuff is coming together, Duane's boot/spats continue to confound me and my brain can barely spare the time to obsess on other important details.  As I have every year, I will post pics of us when we're done and I'm certain you will approve (if I can ever eek out the stupid boots) of what we are doing.

The week after Halloween we are a host family for our community progressive dinner.  We live at the base of a reasonably afluent community and suddenly my house looks like a hovel in my eyes and we've shifted our focus to spit shining every surface over the next week and a half in order to get the place up to standards.  Thankfully the steep participation price also comes with a stipend to hire a caterer, so at least I'm not on the hook for cooking and frantically cleaning.

The week after THAT is Parker's birthday party and I've started really digging in and trying to get those details sorted.  It's going to be Lego Star Wars themed (my kid is obsessed) and while I've got a reasonable plan in my eyes coming together I still need to figure out a cake (cupcake?) design and some food ideas, as well as another kid entertainment activity.  My greatest fear is having a room with 11 five year olds and not enough to entertain them.   *screams in horror*

I will secretly admit that there's a huge part of me that's counting down until all of this is over and I can put my brain to more mundane activities... like knitting.  The week after Parker's birthday I'm taking off.  LIKE OFF.  NO COMMITMENTS.  None.  I will stay home.  I will drink tea.  I will KNIT dammit.

Not to say that there isn't something to show for, despite all the other distractions- it's just not as much as I would like.  Yesterday I designated Parker's day at school to be set aside for getting some closure on my knitting.  And thankfully I got pretty close to where I wanted to be.


The good news is that I'm confident now that I'm NOT going to run out of yarn.  SO WHEW... I have enough.  And even better news is that I have ONE THUMB to go.  I'm hoping in the next 2 days I can add these to the completion list and at least get this project out of my head and squared away.  I'm really looking forward to knitting the simpler mittens and getting those off the needles quickly.

End of the year goals are starting to look pretty clear- 2 pairs of simple cable mittens and to finish up all of my charity hats.  Anything else I complete on top of that would be considered gravy.  :-)


Also- as a complete and total aside- today is International Black Cat day.  Did you know that due to stupid out of date superstitions, black cats are less likely to be adopted simply because they're black?  My vet told me after I adopted my black cat to make sure to keep him inside around Halloween because there are awful weirdos out there that do things to Black cats around Halloween.  WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE!?  I just want to be the one to say it- I LOVE MY BLACK CAT.





We are lucky to have Shadow in our life and we love him to teeny tiny pieces.  Please PLEASE PLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEE if you're looking to adopt a furry family member don't discount adorable black kittens or adorable grown up black cats.  They aren't unlucky.  They are wonderful family pets and our family wouldn't be complete without ours.


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Anonymous said...

Shadow is a very handsome kitty!

Why don't you get the same place that did D's cake to do P's cake? They seem to be very artistic. Mil