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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Just an Update

As predicted, October has begun in a frenzy that has sadly detracted from the knitting time.  It blows my mind that I regularly have 2 full days without a kid around and I'm still too busy to sit down and knit.  I'm looking at YOU November and I'm thinking it's going to be a very "progress-y" month!

All of that said, it doesn't mean there hasn't been some strides made here.  Just the other night I cast off the second Baby Heart Blanket.


As you recall, I have silly rules about considering a project "done" so even though this for all intense purposes looks complete it has not been blocked and therefore I cannot count it as done.  That reminds me... MIL- can I borrow your blocking board at the Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday?  Like the last one, this blanket turned out lovely.  I still have likely TWO more acrylic blankets worth of yarn out of those enormous balls but I've decided to shelve it for a while and maybe after Christmas whittle the rest away.  I can't decide if I'll continue using this pattern and try different iterations on it or if I'll go in a compeltely different direction.  SO MANY CHOICES!

I've also been working on the hats and have 1.5 since the last time I updated you on those.  I would really like to have 12 hats before the end of the year so that is going to be one of my goals- 6.5 left to go!


AND, a recent "grown ups only" trip back to Saskatchewan meant that I got to pull the travel sock out and knit a few rows on it.  And, it looks like a leg is being born!


Sadly I haven't touched the mittens since the last blog post (!!) so I need to spend some time and dive back into that project.  Christmas approaches and suddenly I'm feeling the slightest twinge of nerves about having enough time to complete 4 pairs of mittens... one more on the completed pile would make me feel a lot better.

And that's where I'm at so far this month.  Halloween costumes have already begun to distract and I need to plan a birthday party for my soon-to-be FIVE year old (!!!!!!).  Hoping in and amongst all that chaos I can still get a few more things off the needles and in the finished pile.

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