It has been since I last bought yarn!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Like A Kid on Christmas Eve...

Well… I finally took the plunge and bought the yarn.

I had a lot harder time trying to decide what to order than I thought I would. It’s weird, when I’m in a yarn shop and don’t have a particular project in mind, I seem to have no problem dropping the cash for yarn to stash for later. BUT, when I have a particular project that I’m dying to knit, I find it really hard to commit to a fiber to knit it with.

This is the case with IK’s Tilted Duster. Yes, after all the obsessing I’m finally just going to suck it up and make it! I know yesterday I had mentioned this and even had offered the color possibilities, but I just couldn’t commit.

The problem is that I’m inexperienced with the yarn the pattern recommends. The pattern recommends Berocco “Peruvia”, which is fine and dandy, except I couldn’t find a store that carried it so that I could actually feel it. NOR, could I find a review or a blog where someone says anything about it. I also explored many other options… I heard great things about Valley Yarns “Berkshire”, (I worried that the fibers would “shed” since there’s alpaca in it), and considered both the Knit Picks and Elann’s more budget friendly options. I scoured the internet leaving comments on various knitting related “boards” asking anyone to tell me about the softness of the yarn I was considering.

I was supposed to just suck it up and buy, but instead spent three days scouring every knitting related site I could find doing “research”. Thank god, by the way, for Ravelry. Being able to see projects others are making and the yarn they are using for a particular project is so freakin’ smart I wish I thought of it. I have spent hours, upon HOURS on this little site and it continues to blow my mind with how awesome it is. I *heart* Ravelry so much that it’s bordering on inappropriate.

Anyways, I’ve finally committed. I’m knitting the sweater in Cascade’s “Eco Plus” and went in an entirely different direction and ordered the Red (0507) color. The review was downright glowing over at Knitter’s Review, and those who are using it seem to say great things. I ordered from WEBS and I'm interested to see how their shipping to Canada works (I haven't heard very promising things unfortunately). I miss being so close for my yarn fix, I usually got my Webs order the next day, this whole "wait for it patiently" thing is kind of new for me. Cross your fingers and watch this space for a new! exciting! sweater! on the needles soon (hopefully).

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Rycrafty said...

I've ordered from WEBS, and while I had to pay postage (no free over X amount or anything) I didn't get dinged for duty. It was a lot of yarn, too.