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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Revenge of the Yarn

This always seems to happen when I knit socks. I move along until I get to the heel decreases and then I'm struck by a paralyzing fear, "will I run out of yarn?". I'm knitting the new! exciting! sock! and sure enough, I'm at the heel and I'm looking at the yarn and worrying that I'm not going to have enough.

I suppose this is the curse of knitting socks from the top down. When you knit them toe up, you can decide how long to make the leg according to the amount of yarn you have left. Knitting from the top down, you run the risk of running out of yarn.

Not that I've ever run out of yarn. In fact I've been lucky enough to have ample left overs, but still the fear runs deep within my veins, taunting me. I suppose the fear is good, the minute I stop worrying is the moment I actually DO run out of yarn. But now I'm torn, finish the sock with the chance that I may get to the toe decreases and discover I need to rip the ENTIRE SOCK BACK in order to shorten the leg to have enough yarn, or stop now, at the heel and shorten the leg on the off chance that I could be right and I will in fact run out of yarn.

*sigh* what to do?

I think I'm going to take the risk and live with the anxiety or running out. And trust me... you'll hear if I run out. The loud screaming in agony heard within 9,000 miles of Calgary will be me. Just so you know.

Okay... going to try and get through. If you're not doing anything else this evening, can you cross your fingers for me?

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