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Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Love Golf

It's hard to imagine what golf and knitting have in common, but for me they seem to mean one thing- getting things done. Major golf championships seem to be my time to get things done.

In April it was the Masters, where I finished a blanket and dad's socks... and now during the US Open, I've taken down another baby blanket and another pair of socks. I'm like the TIGER WOODS of knitting.

I never used to enjoy watching golf on television, but there is something to say about plunking yourself down on the couch for seven hours with some calming banter in the background and just grinding out projects. Golf makes for great knitting. If something really great happens and your head is down, not to worry, you'll catch the replay. As the players work to make birdies and eagles, I'm knocking rows down, inch by inch... "gettin' 'er done".

As for "the Nennie Sweater"- which has sat at very slow progress, I think I'm going to have accept partial defeat. It is looking less and less likely that I'm going to make it back to my class to get further instruction on how to design my sweater. And, even if I do make it back, I still won't have enough class time to get enough instruction to actually finish. However, not to worry too much- thanks to a timely post by the Harlot, the sweater that she's just finished is VERY similar to the one I was designing. (Click that link to see it) There are a few adjustments I'd like to make, and that garter border has GOT to go, but I think I can repurpose the yarn and make it work for the sweater. Just hope I have enough!

Also, in case you were giving a little cheer about me being done baby blankets for awhile- I just found out I've got another to be made for a baby due in January. I'm still planning my baby blanket hiatus for a bit, but may have to move up the hiatus finish date. I was initially pretty bummed about the thought about another baby blanket to be made, (and yes, I know, I don't HAVE to- but I like that it's become the gift I give to my friends babies), but now I'm already making plans for a possible pattern. Plus- I do have a bit of time to work on it, so maybe I can make it a continuing work in progress.

AND- if the announcement of finished items and impending projects wasn't enough- I've also started a little stash busting project that is just for a break in the monotony-- MITERS. Damn you Mason Dixon Ladies for making me interested. I'm just going to knit those little squares with stash that I have and see what happens, but there is NO PRESSURE for a completion date or anything-- for now it's just a fun little distraction.

But for now, back to the US OPEN....

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Joanne said...

I knit half a Baby Surprise sweater while watching the Open yesterday - golf is FANTASTIC knitting TV, I would have to agree!

Have fun with the miters!