It has been since I last bought yarn!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Fabulous Adventure- Part 2 (Mass)

After successfully showing restraint on our yarn crawl in Connecticut and NYC, it was off to North Hampton, to visit the knitters Mecca- WEBS. But first off, to the Calvin Theater, where we were going to hear the Yarn Harlot speak.

I may have gotten a little lost on my drive through North Hampton, (which is so quaint it belongs in Connecticut), but a quick look at the map, and a short stop at Wendy's for some delcious drive through, (and a check out girl who were a few fries short of a happy meal if you catch my drift), we managed to locate the theater.

And now... another reason to love North Hampton:

Yes. You read that sign correctly. 15 CENTS an hour. It even prompts one to think- "why charge anything at all" but I must say, the novelty of paying so little on parking will not soon die. I love you North Hampton!

Once we parked the car we walked over to theater to make ourselves comfortable. We were greeted at the door with a bag of goodies, free size 8 knitting needles and yarn (DEBBIE BLISS!!!!) to knit a swatch during the talk for Warm Up America. We were almost over an hour early for the show, and I'm glad, because knitters kept filing in. While we waited we knit our swatches and captured the moment for posterity.

Kudo's to the Webs people, (one of many kudo's to be given, might I add), their event was almost exactly on time. And, after a brief introduction from Steve, {who owns WEBS with his wife, who was also lovely}, the Harlot took stage.

Now, I've been extremely fortunate to see Stephanie talk before, at her REPRESENT! event in NYC, but she never lets you down. Yes, her talk was the same from the other event, yet it was so comforting to hear her say it again, and enjoyable to see everyone in that room eat out of the palm of her hand the way they did in NYC. She's funny. She's delightful. She gets me and my obsession. Being in a room full of Harlot worshippers, you begin to feel a little less like knitting obsessively isn't considered normal. Suddenly you're inspired to knit MORE... and it's awesome to feel like you're apart of something bigger than you realize.

After her enjoyable talk, and an update on Sir Washie, we all high tailed it back to our cars to drive over to WEBS for some book signing and yarn shopping. Walking into WEBS was just as exciting for me as going to see Stephanie talk.

First off, the store is big... with a selection that could bring you to tears, and prices that make my Amex beg to be spent. Not only that, but it's tidy and organized and I feel like sometimes not a lot of yarn shops get that a little organization and tidiness would go a LONG way. But, dear knitters, this is nothing. Absolutely NOTHING, compared to what WEBS has hiding in the back. We got in line quickly for the book signing, and it was a good thing, because the line snaked all the way to the back of the warehouse. And while waiting in line is not normally my thing- being surrounded by this glorious view is enough to make any knitter get a little teary eyed with joy.

Yarn as far as the eye can see. And, not only that, YARN AT CHEAP DISCOUNT PRICES, yarn that practically begs you to buy it.

Happiness, dear friends, is the Warehouse at WEBS.

Both Phyllis and I took turns shopping the isles and investigating all that there was to see on the shelves in the Warehouse. We were tempted. I think in the end, we ended up being very well behaved given the amount of temptation that stared us right in the face. And if anything, I'm still thinking about placing a hefty WEBS order before I move. Each time the line moved in that Warehouse, a new area for us to look and fondle the yarn appeared and we would take in everything our eyes could possibly see.

The line to see Stephanie was long, and in the warehouse was very, VERY warm. This is where the second Kudo's to the WEBS staff comes in. Realizing that it was warm and the wait was on the longer side, they began serving cool water and offering chairs to those in line. I've always had very, VERY positive experiences when I've orderd online at WEBS, but I was seeing first hand how truely AWESOME their staff was solidified my warm fuzzy thoughts on the store.

We finally got our turn with Stephanie, who was wonderful with everyone who came to her signing, taking time to talk and engage each guest who had waited to see her. When she found out we were Canadian she gave us the Canadian test. (Finish this sentence: When you eat your Smarties....) Thankfully we passed with flying colors. (Answer:... do you eat the red ones last?) I had Steph sign my "Yarn Harlot" book, since I bought a pre-signed copy in NYC of her latest and Phyllis took home the latest copy signed as well. And then, to top off our experience we took an AWESOME picture with her: (Seriously... whomever took this, THANK YOU for taking such a flattering photo.)

After our time with Stephanie, we spent some serious shopping time, taking in everything they had to offer. Phyllis found some lovely yarn, (whose name and blend escapes me now...{Phyllis can you remind me again?}) to make a sweater with and we both left with several skeins of reasonably priced sock yarn. I was tempted to buy so much more... there was a lovely lace weight that I Hmmm and Haaa-d about for awhile but ultimately was feeling like perhaps the husband might notice how much I'd purchased in the last few days and not feel so positive.

All in all- we had a very successful yarn crawl and Harlot visit. Both Phyllis and I enjoyed our time emensely and were feeling like we really got a chance to see what my little part of the world has to offer in the way of yarn shopping.

And now- my stash enhancement photo.... which I think is not too bad, given that I spent so much time in yarn shops last week!

The pink is the Koigu I procured in NYC. The blue, yellow and navy were sock yarns I bought at Webs and the pastal yarn is the baby stuff I bought at the Yarn Barn. If you ask me, they're excellent momento's of a great time! (And reason to believe that I have a serious sock addiction.)


Anonymous said...

I EXTREMELY surprised you actually made it home. I figured if you found a place like that you would camp there and never leave. Ever... EVER


Nikki said...

Yes, I told everyone at work when I came back that there was a warehouse of yarn. A warehouse. Of yarn. And indeed, it does make one shed a little tear.

I'm shocked you got so little!